AllCells’ proven capabilities help clients navigate and streamline the complex journey from product development to commercialization. The utilization of high-quality research use only (RUO) products supports early-stage drug discovery and preclinical testing, providing biomedical researchers confidence as therapeutic candidates move through clinical pipelines. When clinical applications and increased regulatory compliance are required, AllCells’ GMP, clinical-grade products are offered to meet the later stages of product development.

Cell and Gene Therapy Product Development Timeline

Partnering with AllCells for RUO and GMP products to span the entire workflow mitigates timeline and cost delays that could arise from having to revalidate source material and suppliers. This also provides the flexibility and agility to bilaterally transition between pre-clinical and clinical phases to address the dynamic nature of cell therapy product development.


Product Development Timeline

Seamlessly progress through the cell and gene therapy development process with RUO and GMP starting cell materials:

  • Generate foundational data during discovery and early preclinical R&D
  • Cellular engineering, process design, and process development for autologous and allogeneic cell therapies
  • Characterize and determine donors to support process qualification and standardization of autologous and allogeneic therapies
  • Prepare for clinical manufacturing of allogeneic cell and gene therapies
  • Ensure consistent supply for scaled clinical and commercial manufacturing of allogeneic therapies


What does it mean to be GMP?

AllCells GMP products are collected in compliance with Good Tissue Practices (GTPs), which makes them suitable for use in GMP manufacturing.

What is the difference between RUO and GMP?

AllCells maintains the same high quality material and optimized protocols for both RUO and GMP Products. Since GMP products are intended for further commercial manufacturing for clinical use, it must meet rigorous mandated standards to ensure quality, safety and efficacy of the end therapeutic product. Our GMP products additionally meet the requirements for extensive quality review and documentation necessary to meet the FDA Regulations of Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-Based Products (HCT/P’s) as well as the EMA’S human cell-based medicinal products guidelines. This additional level of quality-assured specifications is applied at the multiple levels:
Parameter Clinical Grade (GMP) Research Grade (RUO)
Donor Testing CMV-negative donors are subject to viral testing (above the standard infectious disease panel) per FDA-mandated 21 CFR 1271 as well as CDC, NIH, and AABB recommendations Eligible donors are screened against an infectious disease testing panel: Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.
SOP GMP operational SOPs with extensive GMP documentation. Validated SOPs per QMS standards.
Quality Testing Validated AO/PI protocol for cell count and viability. Sterility testing per USP71 guidelines. Validated AO/PI protocol for cell count and viability.
Documentation provided Certificate of Analysis. GMP documentation including batch records, equipment validation, stability studies, to support product for further manipulation. Certificate of Analysis provided.
Manufacturing facility (equipment, infrastructure, processes) GMP-Qualified Cleanroom space. Rigorous operational controls and standardized, comprehensive operational SOPs. GMP-like collection and processing facilities Research use only.
Shipping AeroSafe Global Shipping - Packaging validated to ISTA standards, Temp. Logger standard. Aerosafe Shipping.

What steps does AllCells take to maximize the success of GMP collections?

In addition to recruiting and maintaining high quality donors (see our donor difference), AllCells approaches GMP collections with risk mitigation steps including infectious disease screening across various time points, backup donors, and advising shipments under severe weather conditions. We regularly customize programs and advise on screening workflows, pulling from our extensive experience and donor data.

How does AllCells qualify donors as eligible for GMP collections?

AllCells’ GMP-eligible donors are reliable, recallable, and must test negative for infectious diseases as specified in 21 CFR Part 1271 (with potentially other additional virals specified by the customer). Donors must undergo physical exams as well as pass the Donor Health Questionnaire to ensure that they do not have any other health conditions that would disqualify them from GMP collections.

Why should I use GMP starting materials early?

The quality of the final drug product is in part dependent on the manufacturing environment—where a robust and reproducible GMP manufacturing process is essential to ensure product consistency and safety. GMP donor cells can be utilized to execute CMC activities including process development and manufacturing, increasing the leverage of regulatory filings to accelerate your program timelines.

What if I need GMP products that are not listed in AllCells’ portfolio?

We are continuously working to expand our GMP product offerings and are happy to discuss potential solutions. Please fill out a form on our website or contact your account representative detailing your GMP needs.

Donor Management Services

Donor Management Services

Donors with the right attributes are a critical part of any cell therapy program. AllCells Donor Management Services can help you find, screen and retain donors from our repository comprised of highly-characterized, HLA-typed donors with diverse demographics and clinical parameters that can meet program-specific criteria from research and development to commercialization.


Project Management Services

AllCells strives to establish long-term working partnerships with researchers, contract-research organizations (CROs), and contract-development or manufacturing organizations (CDMOs), to deliver GMP clinical grade products.

To help clients navigate the complexities of cell therapy programs, AllCells has a dedicated clinical-grade team, which includes key personnel such as the project manager, donor management and regulatory personnel to ensure the success of each project.

This experienced and multi-disciplinary team manages recruits and establishes client-specific donor pools, as well as provides long-term and complex project management to oversee multiple staggered timelines for longitudinal studies. The clinical-grade team works with clients in real-time to review donor screening results, establish donor pool needs (exclusion/inclusion criteria) and facilitate trouble-shooting as required.

  1. Dedicated Clinical Grade team(product manager, donor management personnel, regulatory) to ensure success of the project.
  2. Complex projects that involve multiple staggered timelines for longitudinal studies, dedicated prescreened donor pool set up, recruitment and management etc.
  3. Work with the clients in real time to review results, to devise strategy for achieving desired donor pool needs/criteria (exclusion/inclusion criteria) and end-product (troubleshooting).

Product Customization Services

Product Customization Services

The unique needs of cell and gene therapy programs often necessitates products that require customization. AllCells has proven experience with clients in successful technology and process transfers for custom isolations and other specific requirements. We are happy to work with external vendors on our client’s behalf for any additional services or characterization testing (i.e., biostorage capabilities, karyotype analysis) that is not currently offered by AllCells.

  1. Technology and process transfers for custom product or isolations
  2. Flexibility to work with external vendors per the needs of customers (testing partners, biostoring partners etc)

Product Portfolio


A leukopak is an enriched leukapheresis product collected from normal peripheral blood, which contains a concentrated fraction of mononuclear cells like lymphocytes and monocytes. Ideal for regenerative medicine and cell therapy applications requiring isolated hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and immune cells (i.e., T cells, NK cells).



Bone marrow is enriched in hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) capable of multi-lineage differentiation into a number of clinically relevant cell types to facilitate the treatment of a wide scope of human diseases.



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Tissue Product Quality



AllCells boasts unparalleled scientific expertise, managing all necessary screenings and testing for donor eligibility, extensive apheresis and marrow collection expertise, coupled with a logistics and quality team expertise necessary to ensure high quality, consistent starting material, that is delivered globally.

  • FDA establishment of HCT/P for HPC Apheresis, PBMCs
  • 45 CFR 46 – Protection of Human Subjects
  • 21 CFR 56 – IRB oversight of institution
  • 21 CFR 50 – Informed Consent / Human Subjects
  • 21 CFR 1271 Subpart A-C and Provisions of Subpart D (GTPs)
  • European Directive 2004/23/EC; European Directive 2006/17/EC
  • Federal CLIA Certificate of Compliance

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