AllCells’ Made-to-order products are engineered to meet your specific project needs. Our in-house team of experts will help you define, design, and deliver your primary cell material. Throughout donor collection, lab processing, and packaging, AllCells is committed to following GMP standards as we deliver consistent products and ensure the critical minimization of variability. Since 1998, AllCells has provided the biomedical research community with tailor-made products for a wide range of applications and process development to support pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology, and academic sectors.
Made to Order Tissue

Fresh Cells, On Demand

AllCells’ Made-to-Order team provides an optimal work flow vital for consistently delivering a high level of quality assurance. Our strategically located, on-site collection and processing facilities ensure the shortest lead times and maximum product freshness. By maintaining exceptional supply-chain control, AllCells is able to provide unparalleled reliability, quality, and consistency of primary cell products to meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects. GMP Made-to-Order products adhere to IRB-approved screening protocols, adaptable to your scientific requirements.

Tissue Donors

Donor Care and Management

Donor care and management is a crucial part of the AllCells process. Our state-of-the-art, FDA-approved donor collection facilities are compliant with all federal and state regulations, and adhere to strict IRB guidelines. We manage the largest, most diverse donor pool in the industry, allowing our global operations to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

  • Donor pool reservation and recalling
  • Advanced testing services & specific donor criteria
  • Custom collection needs such as matched samples
Cell Processing

Cell Processing

Expertise and experience have enabled AllCells to optimize processes and provide assurances that all regulatory protocols have been met for research and clinical grade products. Our on-site collection facilities allow immediate processing of fresh tissue to produce purified cell types with unparalleled quality and consistency.

  • Specific cell counts and/or volume.
  • Research-specific isolation protocols.
  • Unique media, buffers, and reagents.
Shipping and Delivery of Tissue

Packaging and Shipping

AllCells utilizes industry-leading, temperature-controlled AeroSafe Global shipping packages to ensure that all orders arrive with the integrity and viability that you have come to expect from our cell products. We offer customer-focused delivery options and an optimized processing schedule for time-sensitive projects.

  • Temperature-controlled, custom container types and packaging.
  • Sustainable, reusable, and recyclable packaging components.
  • Optimized pickup times with same-day, next-day, and specific date options.

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