Whole Blood

Whole human peripheral blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) can be isolated from whole blood by density gradient separation to remove granulocytes and RBCs. Whole blood products are collected by venipuncture of healthy consenting donors without further enrichment in a variety of anticoagulants and formats suitable for many applications.

  • Whole Tissue
  • Isolated Cells: Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs), Neutrophils, Red Blood Cells (RBCs)
  • Non-cellular Products: Plasma and Serum

AllCells can manufacture the following whole blood products:

Whole – Peripheral blood collected by venipuncture into tubes, syringes, or transfer bags. Standard anticoagulant choices are ACD:A, sodium citrate, sodium heparin, and EDTA type K2. Whole blood can also be collected into Streck DNA tubes and Paxgene DNA tubes. Please inquire if you like us to collect into other FDA approved tubes.

MNC – Mononuclear cells isolated from whole blood collected in vacutainer cell preparation tubes (CPT).

Plasma – Extracted from spinning down whole blood.

Serum – Extracted from whole blood collected in vacutainer serum separator tube (SST).

RBC – Isolated by filtration.

Buffy Coat – MNC layer collected from spinning down whole blood.

Neutrophils – Isolated by immunomagnetic microbeads.

Whole Blood products are collected by venipuncture of healthy donors without further enrichment and thus have typical white blood cell (WBC) composition ranges. AllCells offers fresh or cryopreserved Whole Blood products collected in customer-selected or standard anticoagulants and in different tissue formats*: Whole Tissue, Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs), Subpopulations: Neutrophils, Plasma, and Serum.

*Cell type, cell selection method, and unit size (3-480mL) vary depending on tissue format.

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Whole Blood

Whole Blood Made-to-order

AllCells’ on-site collection and processing facilities enable us to offer custom, made-to-order (MTO) products to meet the unique needs of our customers. From tissue collection to product shipment, AllCells’ experienced team of experts will help you define, design, and deliver your customized primary cell material.

We can accommodate specific donor requests, custom whole blood isolation requirements, customer-specific anticoagulants and more.

Technical SpecificationsTech Specs
Whole Tissue

Whole Blood products are collected by venipuncture of healthy and consenting donors following IRB-approved protocols at AllCells’ onsite collection and processing facilities. Whole blood formats include vacutainer tubes, syringes, or in transfer bags in ACD-A, EDTA, heparin, or sodium citrate anticoagulants suitable for a variety of blood analysis testing.

Isolated Cells

Mononuclear cells, eosinophils, basophils and red blood cells (RBCs) isolated from whole blood collections are also available:

  • Mononuclear cells (MNCs) from whole blood are isolated by density gradient separation to remove granulocytes and red blood cells (RBCs) and washed to remove platelets.
  • Eosinophils and basophils are isolated from whole blood by negative immunomagnetic selection using beads against non-target cell populations - this leaves the isolated target cells unlabeled
  • Red blood cells are isolated from whole blood using a filtration system to remove leukocytes and platelets.

All products are quality controlled for cell count and viability determined using a validated AO/PI protocol.

Non-cellular Products:

Plasma is isolated from heparinized whole blood by centrifugation. Serum is isolated from whole blood using a serum separator tube.

Research & Development Applications
  • Fundamental Research
  • Toxicity or Immunogenicity testing
  • Genomics
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Disease modeling
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Whole Blood Resources

At AllCells, we believe that your success is our success. We believe that sharing our knowledge and expertise is more than a business practice, it’s a responsibility. And we believe that collaboration leads to better outcomes. Below is a collection of relevant links to Whole Blood resouces including blog posts, webinars and useful protocols to help you become more efficient and more effective. Have technical questions about Whole Blood products? Our Customer Success Team is standing by.

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