Bulk Cell Isolations

Bulk Cell Isolations

Bulk isolation by a qualified vendor provides all the quality assurances of a commercial product without incurring any capital or operational costs in-house. Both positive or negative selection methods are available for cell types from leukapheresis material collected from qualified donors in our extensive network. Get high-yield cell products from a single-donor source.

  • Both standard and sequential isolation methods are available for clients which saves time and delivers consistent quality with high viability and product yield
  • Bulk isolations enable clients to focus on other projects, obtain donor-matched samples, create client-dedicated cell banks, or collect multiple cell types from a single donor
Standard Bulk Cell Isolations
Sequential Bulk Cell Isolations

AllCells offers consistent, high-quality bulk cell isolations—both positive or negative selection methods are available—of important cell types from leukapheresis material collected from qualified donors in our extensive network. Obtaining bulk isolations from a single donor allows for cells to be banked, which saves time and provides a consistent cell source for experimental consistency and comparability.

Standard Cell Isolation

To maximize yield, AllCells can provide sequential isolations such that multiple cell populations can be isolated from a single donor. As an example, CD8+ T cells can be isolated from leukapheresis material using positive immunomagnetic cell separation, the remaining unlabeled cells can then be put through a secondary round of selection to isolate a different cell population from the same donor.

Sequential Cell Isolation
Isolating Cells

Save Time and Resources

Outsourcing the time-consuming process of isolating cells to an external supplier can streamline your lab’s workflow and liberate in-house personnel to focus on other priorities. Both positive or negative selection methods are available.

Diverse Donor Pool

Diverse Donor Pool

Our proprietary Donor Management System (DMS) software and dedicated team takes a holistic, targeted approach to find the right donors for any program or timeline. Gain access to collections from donors with specific attributes to meet your project needs.


Consistent Cell Source

AllCells has over 2 decades of cell isolation expertise, providing you with high viability and high-yield products. Additionally, AllCells’ adjacent processing facilities allow for cells to be isolated immediately, reducing time in between collection and isolation.

Popular Cell Isolations

Isolated Cells Source Tissue Type
CD34+ HSPCs Mobilized Leukopak, Bone Marrow
T Cells, NK Cells, Monocytes, B Cells Leukopak, Mobilized Leukopak
Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) Leukopak, Mobilized Leukopak
Other cell type isolations available Leukopak, Mobilized Leukopak

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