Allogeneic cell and gene therapies hold tremendous potential to broaden patient access to life-saving treatments, but their success relies on sourcing high-quality donor-derived materials. AllCells’ Pre-Characterized Donor Selection Program aims to provide clients with a mechanism to overcome timeline bottlenecks by enabling smarter and faster donor selection. Clients can access comprehensive donor characterization data of donors eligible for GMP collections to seamlessly navigate the process of screening, selecting, and collecting from donors that align with their program-specific criteria.

Characterized Starting Materials

Characterized Starting Materials

Donor attributes including age, BMI, race, gender, health history, and viral testing per 21 CFR 1271 regulations along with HLA typing and KIR profiling are compiled for GMP eligible donors. We also perform a 9-color flow panel immunophenotyping analysis on the cryopreserved MNCs to provide additional characterization data on different immune cell subsets.

Made to Order Tissue

Optimized Donor Selection

Our dedicated team helps clients utilize the donor characterization datasets to select the most suitable donors with the attributes that align with their program-specific requirements, and coordinate scheduling of these donors for GMP collections of fresh or cryopreserved leukopak products. This high-resolution data also provides valuable insights about how starting material attributes influence the final CGT product, which helps researchers develop more robust and controlled manufacturing processes to ensure consistency and quality throughout the entire production workflow.

Streamlined Workflow

AllCells’ streamlined approach significantly reduces the timeline compared to conventional workflows, where it is necessary to recall donors for whole blood screening and characterization, prolonging the donor selection process.

Streamlined Donor Workflow

Custom Whole Blood Screening Options

Custom Whole Blood Screening Options

For clients seeking donors with specific attributes not covered by the program, we also offer custom pre-screening solutions via whole blood. Whether it’s specific genetic markers, phenotypic characteristics, or other desired attributes, our team works closely with clients to understand their unique screening requirements. With our flexible and customizable approach, we enable clients to access the donors they need to advance their programs with confidence.

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