Using Flow Cytometry to Analyze Rare Hematopoietic Cell Subpopulations Implicated in Disease

Anthony Lawrenz, M.Sc, AllCells, Staff Scientist

Featuring our Scientific team, this webinar on flow cytometry focuses on popular and high-demand flow cytometry assays utilized by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector in drug testing and disease modeling. Particular emphasis is on the hematopoietic system, its associated disease states, as well as immunophenotyping, cell functionality, drug efficacy, and rare-cell enrichment.

Topics covered in the webinar:

  • Review of Flow Cytometry Principles
  • Immunophenotyping disease states and rare-cell subsets
  • Cell Functionality: T-cell Polarization, B-cell Differentiation, and Neutrophil Migration
  • Cell Enrichment: Nucleated Red Blood Cells, Rare T-cell subsets
  • Q&A

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