Accelerate Biomedical Research with High Yield Mobilized Leukopaks

Stephanie Burks, RUO Senior Product Manager

This webinar will provide valuable insights into the applications, benefits, and key sources of CD34+ cells in cell and gene therapy research and development. Stephanie will discuss the peripheral blood mobilization process and how it facilitates the collection of high-yield mobilized leukopaks and isolated CD34+ cells. Discover AllCells’ comprehensive product portfolio, understand the advantages of dual-agent mobilization, and explore the customization capabilities of AllCells’ donor program.


Speaker Bio: Stephanie Burks, RUO Senior Product Manager Stephanie joined AllCells in 2010, making significant contributions across the organization. She was promoted to Product Manager in 2021 and is responsible for supporting the complete lifecycle of the research use only (RUO) product and services portfolios. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Education from Oregon State University.

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