AllCells Announces New Faster Delivery Times

AllCells Announces New Faster Delivery Times

Debbie King
Debbie King, Scientific Writer

May 15, 2018

ALAMEDA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AllCells, LLC, the leading supplier of blood-derived cells and services for immuno- and cell therapy development, announced today that it has changed its business model to respond more quickly to research needs, delivering fresh products in as little as three days.

AllCells, since its founding 20 years ago by research scientist Jay Tong, has been regarded as the highest-quality supplier of cells. With the changes the company has made to its business processes, it now also expects it will be the fastest supplier as well.

“We are always looking for ways to make scientific breakthroughs easier,” said Tong. “We realized that many researchers had to schedule their experiments around when we could deliver. We want the opposite to be true – we want to get them cells exactly when they needed them.”

The business process changes have the biggest impact on fresh products, however the changes will make AllCells more agile in handling all orders. For fresh products, the company’s Customer Success Team will work with researchers to schedule the most convenient time for delivery. The company will continue to ship in-stock frozen and cryopreserved products in as few as two business days.

All orders and questions to AllCells can now be directed to the Customer Success Team. They can be reached on chat at AllCells.com or by calling 510-726-2700.

“Our job is to make research easier and better,” said Tong. “I think that today we’re taking a big step forward in the department.”

About AllCells, LLC

AllCells is a biotechnology company dedicated to providing researchers and biomanufacturing organizations with high quality primary cells that enable drug discovery, preclinical development, and manufacturing of cell therapies.

Leveraging its expertise in hematopoietic and immune cell isolation and characterization together with on-site hematologic tissue clinical collection operations, AllCells maintains a large repository of donor profiles that can be qualified for various biomedical applications. Freshly collected tissue is immediately processed in contiguous manufacturing facilities to produce purified cell types having unparalleled quality and consistency. Cells are shipped worldwide, or fresh cells can be immediately utilized in fee-for-service cell-based assays (AllCellutions™) custom designed according to customer criteria. For more information, please visit www.allcells.com.


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